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-----------Flashback time-------------

The day of your wedding was possibly the happiest day of your life. It was the first day you felt like nothing else mattered except you and your husband.

"You may now kiss the bride."

He leaned down to your level pressing his lips softly to yours.

You never knew how long the kiss lasted, but it felt like forever. You didn't hear the applause from your family and friends, you didn't notice the flower girl tripping, you didn't care about the flashes of camera, or even think about the tears of your mother seeing you so happy.

All you cared about was being in his arms. Nothing else mattered.

That was the day you had seen his younger brother, Ludwig, genuinely smile for the first time. Every detail was locked in your mind, forever. Gilbert pulling out the chair for you, dragging his two best friends from under the table before they'd had a chance to take pictures of the undergarments below. Shoving cake into his face right as he was prepared to take a bite, but also getting the favor returned.

Becoming Mrs.  Beilschmidt...

You remembered that night, locked in each others arms. Just enjoying the company of each other.

You remembered your honeymoon, oh that week, you guys didn't hold back at all.
You remembered a month later when you'd found out you were pregnant with your first child.
You remembered the way your Prussian husband treasured you, he'd never forever to have his manners intact. Holding doors, cooking for you, massaging your stomach, being their for you, always making sure you knew how much he loved you.

He even told you the truth about him being the personification of Prussia. A German kingdom.

What he didn't tell you is that he only had so much time left...

Months later, he took you to a beautiful pond that'd frozen over during the long German winter.

"U-Uh, Gilly, I don't think I should be skating pregnant..."

He glided on the ice, easily making his way over to the snow bank you had currently stood in. He gently tilted your head up with his icy fingers.

"Come on, meine liebe~ You know you vhant me to teach you my awesome skating techniques~"

He backed away and did a dramatic twirl, stopping with ease to smirk at you.

"Ja I do Gilbert. But not when I'm pregnant..." You sighed.

He looked up at you putting on his signature pouting face. Those bright red eyes burned into your soul.

"We only have so much time in life _______..."

You glanced at him silently, just staring into each others eyes.

"Agh, fine..."

"Kesesesesese~ You wont regret it mein liebe." He raised your hand to his lips giving his a soft kiss.

"Damn Prussian.." You cursed under your breath.

He roughly pulled you onto the ice, twirling you before swiftly wrapping his arms around your waist and dipping you.


"Nein, vhy vould I do zhat?"

"Because you're a stupid Prussian..."

He kept his arms tightly around your waist, silently pouting.

"... That somehow made me fall in love with him." You turned around in his arms, trying your best to not squish your stomach, and leaned up to kiss him.

He smirked in the kiss. "Ja, I know. But zhat still hurt!"

You poked his cheek and turn back around. "Will you stop spooning me and teach me to skate already."

"Ja... But I kinda like this position..."

"Teach me to skate, and I'll let you do this again tonight.. Maybe even a little more..."
He smirked again and began to explain the basics.

----------A half an hour of falling later--------------

"Well Gilly, I think I finally got it, I hope our baby won't have brain damage because of this..."

"_________, lets try something... Go over zhere, zhen skating towards me, and I'll catch you."

"You really are trying to kill me Gil..."

"Only so much time _________."

You slowly skated to the farther end of the small frozen pond.

"Are you sure about this Gilly?!" You called from the other end.

"Ja ________, do you not trust the awesome king of Prussia?"

You facepalmed, and prepared yourself to fall on top your husband.

Your Prussian husband began counting.

"Eins... Zwei... Drei!"

You took off towards your husband, bracing for impact... But the impact never came. You looked up to see you were in the air, your husbands hands securely placed on your waist. You looked down at him seeing him smirking up towards you. You also notices you were slowly twirling. He carefully brought you back to earth. You two just stood there, finding yourselves in a trance.

The Prussians eyes were wide open, staring into your [e/c] orbs.

"G-Gil... You okay?"

A single tear escaped his eye as he looked down at his palms which were slowly faded. He put the remainder of his palms on both sides of your face, holding you steady.

"Ich Liebe Dich, meine liebe."
With that he forcefully pressed his lips to yours. While in the process removing his iron cross from his neck and placing it into your palms.

"Name him Matthew..." Was all he said as he backed away from you.

You stared wide eyed, watching as your husband fell backwards. His legs quickly disappearing. You couldn't move, or speak. You just stood in horror as you watched the love of your life fade away before your eyes. As it came down to only his head all the memories flashed through your mind. Middle school, high school, college, your marriage, your honeymoon, learning you were pregnant, your love for this mischievous Prussian, and finally your last moments with him.

And then he vanished.


You couldn't even process what had just happened before you slipped out of the skates and pushed yourself running to your house. You grabbed the landline, almost breaking it in the process. And dialed the only person you could think to call.

You punched in 3 on speed dial, also known as Ludwig's number.

"Hallo, this is Ludwig, who am I speaking to?"

"LUDDY!" You screamed into the phone.

"Oh hallo _________, may I ask why you're calling? And its annoying enough when my bruder calls me zhat."

"G-Gil's g-gone..." You barely managed to cough it out.

"Vhat do you mean, gone...?"


The line cut off... You stared at the phone wide eyed.

"LUDWIG, LUDWIG PLEASE ANSWER." You screamed at the phone.

You felt the baby start to kick. You fell to the ground, leaning against the wall.

You stared up into thin air. "H-He's gone..."

You began to feel the world around you blur. That was right when Ludwig busted through the door.

"H-He's gone..." Was all you remembered muttering before your world turned black.


You awoke in a hospital bed, Ludwig by your side. But to the left, just an empty seat.
"Ludwig, where am I? What happened.."

Ludwig slowly looked up at you, his eyes red, tears streaming down his face. Thats when everything came back to you. Your Prussian husband and lover vanishing before your eyes..
You leaned up in your hospital bed, rubbing your stomach. You turned your attention to Ludwig.

"What happened." You said sternly.

"Vell _________..."

-------------flashback's over--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

It'd now been 5 years since that day, as you watched your son sleep. The words replayed in your mind exactly how Ludwig had said them that day...

"... I'm not sure how much Gilbert told you about how... This works. But his Kingdom fell long born you were born. It wasn't but a few decades or so but he still didn't exist anymore. But the thing is, we each only have so many years after we fall to build ourselves back up again. Take France for example, the fall of France... And look, he's still around. But Gilbert... He tried but couldn't manage to do so. His countries past was lost, he simply merged. Prussians became East Germans. But now the slang is just Germans. No one expected him to last this long, but even so, we though he had a few more decades left in him. But anyway, that's why he vanished. All hope in his kingdom was lost. And so was he..."

You glanced down at your sons sleeping figure, on the verge of tears. And left his room quietly, shutting the door behind you.

That night you cried yourself to sleep. Watching as the first snow of the year began to fall from the skies.


That morning you woke up early to cook Matthew some pancakes. You flipped them over and turned off the stove.

"Mama..." You turned around to see your little blonde boy rubbing his eyes.

"Good Morning Matthew." He ran to your side to see what you were cooking.

You ruffled his hair, "Silly Matt, I made you pancakes. Here." You handed him a plate.

"If you go eat early, we can go see if the pond is frozen and then take a walk."

Little Matthew bounced around in glee before jumping into his seat at the table, scarfing down his pancakes as fast as light.

"Mama, can we go now?" He puffed out his lips, doing his signature pouting face just like his father.

"Go get dressed first." You laughed at how he took off upstairs. You wrapped the leftovers and went upstairs to change as well.

Once you finished you looked to see little Matthew wearing his skates and Hockey wear.
"Oh dear, what if the pond isn't frozen yet?"

"Mama, it always is!" You giggled at his enthusiasm.

You held out your hands for him to take it, he eagerly grabbed your hands and you left the house.

Once you arrived at the pond, you first checked if it were safe.

"Mama! Can we skate now?"

"I think its safe." You replied. Your son shot out onto the pond.

"Mama look what I learned!" He twirled around, 1, 2... No 5 times in a row!

"Whoa, just like your dad..." You laughed but soon your voice cracked.

Matthew noticed this and walked over to you.

"Mama, what was Papa like?"

"Well Matthew, come here..." You sat on the snowy ground, gesturing for him to sit in your lap.

"Your Papa, well, I think I've told you about the AWESOME kingdom of Prussia, ja?"

Matthew nodded his head a giggled at your sudden accent.

"Well we're actually sitting on part of it right now, and guess what else, your papa was the king of it all!"

"But Mama, people don't live that long!" Your son arched an eyebrow.

"Oh well, your papa was special. He was awesome actually! He was the Prussian king! He was an Albino, hair white as snow, red eyes as contrast as a... Coke-a-cola can! He was a very sweet man, caring, adorable, tall, athletic, protective, serious when he needed to be, but very fun and outgoing..."

You looked to the sky as you said these words. Un-aware of the tears creeping down your face.

"Mama, why are you crying?" Your son brushed his small hand against your cheek.

"Oh, I... I just miss him..." You reached up and wiped the tears yourself.

"You know Matt, I have an idea, lets go home real quick."

You grabbed his hand and took off towards your house.

Once you arrived you let Matthew's hand go, "honey, how about you make a snowman."

You watched as he took off jumping into a pile of high packed snow. When he looked back at you his nose and cheeks were red.

You giggled at his adorable expression, "try not to get a frost bite Matthew!"
"Uh... Ja? Mama." You stared at him.

"M-Mattie, sweetie, what did you just say?"

"I said Ja Mama! Kesesesesesese~"

You stared at your son, and looked to the sky as you felt another tear fall.
That's you felt the sensation of an arm wrapping around your waist, while a hand wiped away your fresh tears.

"I swear, you always show up when I cry like this..." You mumbled to the air.

"Ja, but I hate leaving you alone vhen you cry."

You looked down to be met with those bright red orbs.

"I never stop believing..." You sighed.

"I know you won't." The ghostly Gilbert leaned down and pressed his nearly invisible lips to yours.

"Can I talk to him...?" Your Prussian husband asked.

"Matthew, look who's here."

Your son turned around to just see you standing there.

"Who's here Mama?"

Your husband craned his neck to see Matthew looking right him. He sighed know it was no use. You saw the hurt in Gilbert's eyes, but you recalled something else Ludwig said. You reached behind your neck and un-clasped the iron cross. You walked over to your son putting the chain around his neck.

"Now listen Matthew, I need you to close your eyes and say... Hmmm." You looked at your husband then back at your child.

"Say, I am zhe awesomest!"

Your soon took in a deep breath before yelling, "I AM ZHE AWESOMEST!"

"Now open your eyes..."

Your son opened his eyes and blinked. You moved a bit over to the side to reveal the ghostly Prussian with his back to the boy. He stared for awhile studying his features before coughing out.


Your husband stiffened before turning around to meet the gaze of his son.

"Ja, wait, vhat... You see me?"

The boy wobbled closer while the Prussian squatted on his knees. You felt a spark of emotion as your son reached up to touch Gilbert's cheek. Gil placed his large hand over his enjoying the warmth. Feeling like an intrusion, you looked off to the side to not interrupt their moment.

You were getting bored with the neighborhoods still scene but felt a sudden impact on your head. You turned to see your husband and son on the ground having a laughing fit. You reached at the side of your head learning they'd hit you with a snowball. While they were still laughing you built up the heaviest snowball you could make and approached them.
Gilbert was first to stop laughing and saw you get very close, also noticing a large smirk on your face, and growing.

"Now, now, mein liebe... We can work this out without violence, ja?"

Your smirk became an evil grin once you lifted the snow ball into the air, preparing to slam it on your husbands face.

"Oh shi-" Gilbert looked down seeing the snowball never hit him, but you were now holding your head in your hands. Gil looked to the side seeing his son pulling on his shirt.

"JA, WE ARE AWESOME." They yelled in unison, running away.

"You wiped the fresh snow off your face, which we're assuming Matthew threw as you were staring at Gil.

"So that's how they wanna play... COME HERE YOU COWARDS!" You charged at them with newly made snowballs.

Your little game soon turned into a full blown wars. Husband against wife, wife against son, son against Father.


Just like Ludwig told you 5 years ago, once Gilbert vanished, he'd vanish from everyone's minds except for those who had a very special part of him. France and Spain would never forget him, Ludwig would never forget him, and nor would you or your son. No one else on the planet would ever remember your King of Prussia, your awesome husband, he was lost form their minds 5 years ago. But you didn't care if the neighbors thought you were crazy for throwing snow at thin air. All that matters is your were all together, in your own little bubble away from the rest of the world. This was your world, your son, your family, your friends, and your damn Prussian husband.

At first I was going to make this somehow related to Jack Frost.

But then I made this sappy sad fluffy asdfghjk.

Sorry if the title is misleading.


I dont feel like fixing them. You can point them out but I'll just get annoyed >.>
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