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December 9, 2012
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Ahhhhh, I decided to try and add a hint of their native languages in here. Excuse any incorrect usage of terms and such because I'm using Google and my personal knowledge for this. xD Enjoy~


Antonio's P.O.V

I groaned, opening my eyes to new-found sunlight. Also an unwelcoming pain in my back.
I looked down to find I'd somehow unintentionally changed back into human form and crushed the living hell out of the basket. Normally I'd lay back down to take another siesta but sadly its Friday.


ITS FRIDAY!!!! Oh, no, esto no es bueno!

Author's P.O.V

The Spaniard quietly rose from the couch, re-arranging to pillows oh-so-carefully to where it looked decent. But merely inhabited by a small animal. After feeling he did a decent staging, he crept up the stairs, almost tripping over the baby gate. He tip-toed through the hall, being careful to avoid the many creaky floor boards, and safely made his way to ________'s room.
Once he opened the door, he was happy to see both Gilbert and Francis were still in their kitten form. He lightly patted them on the head to wake up. Francis yawned, as his eyes fluttered to life. But Gil, wasn't as simply woken. Francis saw the look of urgency in the Spaniard's eyes and scampered over the Gil. Head-butting him to life as well. Right before Gil was about to give a pissed off hiss. Antonio took his 'pinky' finger, covering the kittens' mouth, also getting bitten in the process.
Both Gil and Francis, pounced off of _________'s bed onto the floor simultaneously turning into there human form. Antonio silently brought his index finger to his lips, symbolizing to keep quiet, guiding the other two members of the trio away from the bed, and out into the silent hallway.

"G-Gilbert...~" _________ whimpered in her sleep. Unconsciously feeling the minor change of weight in her bed.

The Albino silently smirked to himself before softly closing her door.

"Buenos días guys." The Spaniard scoffed with a hint of sarcasm.

"Zis better be real damn important for you to wake us up and like... 6 AM." Gil stated bluntly, rubbing his eyes.

"Well, since you seem so interested 'amigo,' if you haven't forgotten its Friday... And I know we usually skip on Friday, but we don't want our little ________ to start getting suspicious, do we?"

"Vell, you have a point. But vhat is going to be more suspicious to ________? Her three kittens, named after us, MISSING, but us at school on time on a Friday? Or us staying here in kitten form until she leaves and zhen rushing to school?"

"Oui mon ami I'm going to 'ave to go along with Gil on zis one. I zhink ________ will most likely catch on to our little scheme quicker if we were to suddenly disappear where we should be. And re-appear where we shouldn't..." Francis added on.

"Aye~ Fine... But you two have to go sleep on the couch like I did last night, and I'll be here when _________ wakes up."

"VHAT? HOW ZE HELL IS ZHAT FAIR?" Gilbert groaned.

"Because, while you two were up here being all 'cariñoso' with _________... I took care of all the arrangements to make sure we didn't get caught. Now off with you chicos~ I have an hour and a half that's going to be spent in _______'s bed."

With that, Toni turned around, opening the door and entering ________'s room, turning back,  somehow silently slamming the door.
Gilbert and Francis either admitted defeat, or were too tired to argue with him and dragged themselves downstairs.

-----------(Time Skip- And hour and 45 MINUTES LATER.)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Your P.O.V

I fluttered my eyes awake to be greeted with a golden brown tail waving in my face. I stretched and yawned turning back once again to be met with those "innocent" emerald green eyes. Little Antonio purred and nuzzled my neck before tilting his head upwards to lick my cheek.

I carefully grabbed his little furry body and lifted him upward into the air.
"Well aren't you being affectionate today!" I nuzzled my human nose again his.
"I'm sorry for neglecting to give you your loving too~ I just haven't seen you around as much as the other two! I'm glad your not mad at me."

Author's P.O.V

Inside of Antonio's head he was cursing out his friends. Thinking of all the affection you probably showed him throughout the night. NOT THAT HE WAS JEALOUS OR ANYTHING. He was just happy to have your attention now.

"Awww, sorry Antonio, I have to go take a shower, its already... 7:45 AM?!?!?" ________ kissed Toni's forehead before setting him on the bed, rushing off to the nearest bathroom.

Antonio just curled up in your bed, daydreaming of all the love he'd get from you now that his other friends were out the way. But he snapped back to reality when you bursted into the room in nothing but Spanish flag lingerie. (Which must have been the first pair you'd grabbed from the previous kitten attack)

If Toni had been in "human form" his face would've been as red as a tomato!
You quickly grabbed [f/c] shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans and ran out towards the bathroom.

Within moments Antonio heard the water in the bathroom start up. Indicating you were about to get in the shower.

-------------Time Skip (2 mins LOL)------------------

Toni just sat on your bed, trying to keep his innocent look in your eyes. But soon found himself getting bored. Luckily, within a matter of minutes you'd be done.
But that's when Antonio remembered something, very.... VERY... Important...
When he'd slept out on the couch, he'd woke up in his human form.. Which means...
Antonio leaped into the air turning into Human form and busted out your room. Swiftly jumping down the stairs and running to the living room. He came to find an unpleasant sight of his two friends sprawled out on the floor. (But never mind that...) He decided to start with Gilbert, being the heavy sleeper he is...

"Amigo!!! Despierta ahora! Now!!! Gilbert!!!" He shook his friend like his life depended on it.

Gilbert slowly became conscious, but had a slightly better attitude than before.

"Ah, Toni... Vhat the hell is it zis time.."

"Aye! Amigo, ________ is in the shower, and shes about to head out for school. So we only have like 2 minutes to wake Francis and then turn into our kitten form befor-"

And that's when they heard the shower door open...


Ah, but oui~ I have made a chapter three~! (Hey that rhymes heh)

I plan to update these faster. I'm sorry for the wait.

I might even have chapter 4 up today. (12-9-12)

Thanks for the favorites and watches guys! And please check out my journal entries for important details about stuff!
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