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November 17, 2012
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Gilbert's P.O.V

Another day of school, done. But we still failed to capture ________'s heart. We love to tease her a lot. I mean, we have been friends since middle school. But she always shuts us out. Like we're just some perverts not worth her time.... But you see... That's why we like her. She doesn't give us the time of the day. She just treats us like normal people. Not just swooning over us. Beating up other girls and calling them sluts to win our hearts. Nein, she's the girl we're after. But what she doesn't know is.. We have our ways. And today she was going to love us in one way, or another.

The guys and I made an awesome plan. But we have to get out of here fast. And get to ______'s place before her. We grabbed a basket, cloth and a bow and ran out the school to Toni's Ferrari and got going.

Your P.O.V

After another long day of math, perverts and gym. Its finally over! You said to yourself walking home. Little did you know there'd be 3 little surprises waiting for you.

-------Time Skip----------------------------------

When you arrived home, before unlocking the door. You heard 3 faint, unique meow's to to side of you. And found a little basket with a cloth and bow. You carefully lifted up the basket and entered.
You sat on the couch and removed the cloth to find 3 adorable kittens! One was a silvery white haired cat with strange piercing red eyes and a scar. Whom happened to resemble Gilbert. The second one with chocolate brown hair with a tint of caramel. Had innocent forest green eyes who looked up at you while cuddling a tomato plush. Which seriously resembled Toni. Then finally a long haired blonde kitten with sky blue eyes. Who resembled Francis. Before you had a chance to react to the little creatures, the blonde haired kitten, pounced of of the basket. Crawling under your shirt and nuzzled into your chest. While the brown haired one pounced onto your shoulder giving your cheek and quick lick. Leaving the silver haired one furiously meowing at its companions.
"A-Ah!  U-Uh, b-bad kitty? U-Uh, awww they're too cute though!" you studdered around with your emotions.
Well... Your parents were on a business trip for the next 3 months... And last year they said you could get pets once you could afford the animal itself. And hey! These 3 were free! But something didn't seem right about these kittens. Its almost seemed like you could hear accents in their meows. German? French? Spanish?

France's P.O.V

_________'s chest is so warm.. Too bad we couldn't do this in human form. But something seems wrong... It seems like _______ can tell something is off. I hope this works out...

Author's P.O.V

Whatever the case is, you decided to keep the kittens. But you needed to give them names first of course! But you'd think of that after you take a shower and clean up from school. Having gym as your final period can really suck sometimes! You went to go find the old baby gate your parents used when you were a newborn. Once you found it you set it up at the stairway so the kittens would be in one place after your shower. You poured 3 dishes of water and headed upstairs.

Gilbert's P.O.V

A few minutes later. After we heard the bathroom door close. We thought it'd be safe to go explore. I jumped out of the basket and started trying to jump over the gateway. Which I easily managed to do because of my supreme awesomeness! But when I turned around, I noticed Toni and Francis decide to just morph back into human form and step over the gate. But whatever, that's the loser way... Anyway. Since _______ has so many stairs. I decided to go on and morph too. Once we managed to creep past the bathroom door we started going through her drawers. Luckily she left them open, so when we morph back she wont know we did it. Francis went straight to her closet, Toni went to her art books and laptop. But I decided to go for something even awesomer... Her underwear drawer! Keseseseses! But what amazed me was she had lingerie of different countries. American, British, Chinese, German and even Italian bras. But then she specifically had Prussian, Spanish and French panties. I couldn't help myself but to pull the three pairs out and imagine her in them.. Who knew this plan would turn out so.... Awesome. But then we heard the water stop and we each morphed back into kitten form. Hiding under the underwear of our corresponding flag for when she came back.

Your P.O.V

When I walked back into my room. I noticed some of my special lingerie was laid out on the bed. I'm not sure how they got there, but when I grabbed for them to put away. I heard three purrs. And found the kittens hiding under them?! Oh god, please don't tell me I adopted pervert kittens!

Toni (Antonio's) P.O.V

When I looked up from my hiding place I saw __________ standing with a confused expression in nothing but a t-towel.. When I looked over at Gil and Francis I knew what they were thinking... B-But I like the affection our chica has shown us. So I'll just stay put and watch what happens.

Author's P.O.V

Before ________ could react correctly. The kittens whom resembled Gilbert and Francis, pounced onto her towel like a ladder. Pulling it down and off her still damp body. Shocked, ________ grabbed the first country flag set should could reach, and swiftly put it on.

Once _________ regained her composure, she looked down to see the two naughty kittens now cuddling her ankles. While the chocolate brown once looked up into her [e/c] orbs. Somehow keeping an innocent look.

Your P.O.V

Well I guess I really did adopt perverted kittens.
At least I have names for them now...

Gilbert, Francis and Antonio.
I couldn't think of a better name. xD

this is going to be a short series.


I didn't think it needed a warning..

Enjoy xD

I'm portraying them as CARING perverts. So please don't get offended people. They're called the Bad Touch Trio for a reason xD

Chapter 2: [link]

Hetalia - Himapapa! :3
You - You
Story - Mine
Picture - Not mine (SADLY.)
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