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November 16, 2012
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-Many years ago-

A-AH! A-Al!!! you shrieked.
___y/n_____!!!! What happened dude?
T-There's a s-spider on o-our tree.... You squeaked.
Oh, haha! No problem ___y/n_____!!! The hero will save you!

Alfred found the nearest leaf. And picked up the spider. Making sure to bring the leaf near your face to scare you in the process. Then set it on the ground nice and far away.

Haha ___y/n___!!! I didn't realized how afraid you were of spiders! Al taunted, making hand motions like a spider in front of you.
"H-Hey... It's not funny! They're so not awesome! They have eight l-legs and creepy eyes. And they hang everywhere!" you pouted.
Okay! Okay! Sorry ___y/n___, but since the hero saved you... Don't I get a reward?
A reward? Like what? Some of my old Halloween candy?
N-No.... Like a k-kiss! Alfred grinned then puckered up.
You giggled and kissed your friend Al on the forehead.

And since then.... He's been determined to capture your lips.

---------------------Present day-----------------------------------------

Alfred's P.O.V

That dream again! Alfred sat up in his bed.
You were always so stubborn. No matter what Alfred did. You would always refuse to kiss him! Was it that you didn't like him? Did he have some gross pimple on his lips? What was wrong with him! You'd kiss your puppy... Gilbird... Even the neighbors little boys that are in kindergarten. Gosh Al wish he could switch places with them sometimes.

Ugh.. Girls are so weird.. Al facepalmed.

But now, the time had come. He was going to get you to kiss him. Or... Kiss you. And he knew just what to do. It'd been 12 years since that day. And Halloween was just around the corner.

Alfred stood up from his bed. And somehow managed to drag himself to his laptop to finish the details on his plan.

Your P.O.V

You slowly opened your eyes and yawned. It'd been a horrible past week for you. Everyone now knew of your fear of spiders. And in high school, with all the jerks, whenever anyone had a chance. They'd pull out a fake spider, hide plastic spider rings in your lunch, or have a drop down tarantula above your homeroom doorway. You probably wouldn't have survived the last week if it weren't for your "hero" Al. Whenever someone pulled a prank on you. He'd easily take down the tarantula so that you could safely enter your class. Or he'd check your lunch for you and throw away any "unwanted items." Though it'd be a whole lot better if he didn't always ask for a "show of appreciation." Its not that you didn't want to... Its just, you would always get so distraught from the sight of those vial creatures. That you'd just tense up.

You got out of bed and grabbed your laptop. Sitting back down and logging onto Skype. Deciding to check up on Al.

"Good morning Alfie!"
"Sup ___y/n___"
"What's up bro! :D"
"Oh just, stuff.."
"What kind of stuff?"
"I gtg ___y/n___"
"What? AL? AL!?"

You'd wondered what that was all about. But knowing Al, he probably left a hot pocket in the microwave for too long! But instead of waiting to see what's up. You changed into, [f/c] sweatshirt, denim shorts and [f/c] hi-top sneakers, deciding to keep your pajama shirt under.
You walked across the street. And through Al's backyard to find his window closed. So you went back out to the front door and knocked.

Alfred's P.O.V

I almost had the finishing touches done when I heard ___y/n___ and mines' secret knock. I knew she'd want to come in so I had to work fast to clean up the evidence of my plan. I knew __y/n___ could be a impatient girl. So I shouted out "THE HERO IS ON THE WAY" to by myself more time. I have to get this stuff out the way!
And with that, Al began shoving hundreds of FAKE SPIDERS? Into the nearest closet.

Your P.O.V

Just when I thought Al was taking way to long. He shouted his signature, "THE HERO IS ON THEY WAY" which means he's obviously rushing with something. Oh gosh, what if he has a girl in there... GAHHH. GET OUT BAD THOUGHTS!
After another 2 and a half minutes, Al finally opened up.
"There you are Alfie!" You grinned, but soon turned into a flustered mess when you realize your childhood friend had no shirt on!
You quickly covered your eyes and turned around. Hoping Al didn't see you in such a tomato like appearance.
"U-Uh... I'm guessing you fell back asleep Al?" you mumbled.
It's not like you hadn't seen Al shirtless before. Its just.... You'd never noticed how toned he was. Even with all the McDonalds he eats.

Alfred's P.O.V

W-Was that... Blushing? Ol' stubborn ___y/n____ is blushing over me? Haha I knew she couldn't resist the hero. But no time for that now. I need to distract her... QUICK!
And of course that's when Matt stumbled down with that bear of his. Kumajaja was it? Something like that. Anyway, that's when I had an idea..
I rested a hand on _______'s shoulder. And said...
"You know ___y/n___ if you can't handle me. Then you could look into my eyes instead..

Your P.O.V

And that's when he said it... I turned around and looked him dead in the eye.

Alfred's P.O.V

See, I don't understand why she's so stubborn! I'm not making fun of her... I was just... GR!

Author's P.O.V

After ___y/n___ relaxed, Al told her that Matt wanted to spend the day with her. The Canadian looked at the two confused until he noticed his brother mouthing words to him.
"Keep her busy! Just for today!"
With that being said. The younger brother ran upstairs to get himself decent and somehow got ___y/n___ to agree and together they left off.

Alfred's P.O.V

Phew. Now that she's taken care of... Time to finish the final touches.
Chappy 1! Because I didn't feel like cramming it into a one-shot or whatever. xD

I hope you guys like!

Picture- Not mine
Alfred (America) - Hidekaz Himaruya
You - You
Me - Me xD
Story - Mine
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